Determine Your Learning Preference, Personality Temperament and Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
Have you ever noticed that some students appear to study less than you, but make higher grades?  Is it because they work harder?  Is it because they have better study habits?  Is it because they are "smarter"?
Have you ever made a good grade in a certain course because you felt that the information came easy to you?  Have you every worked very hard in a particular course, but did not make a good grade?  Is it because you have a natural inclination to certain topics.  Is it because you are bored by certain topics?  Is it because you naturally grasp the manner in which certain concepts are presented, but are confused by other presentation methods?
Maybe some or all of the above are reasons for your successes and/or failures in academics.  Maybe you do not understand yourself as well as you think you do, and maybe you do not realize how you "learn".  Each person has a certain manner in which they learn and grasp concepts.  Some individuals learn most effectively by seeing images (visual learners), some learn best by listening (aural learners), and some learn best by doing (kinesthetic learner).  Some individuals  learn best by studying in groups, but some individuals do not have the temperament and "team" skills to study in groups.  And, unfortunately for most of us, some individuals are just plain "smarter" than we are.
The bottom line is you need to learn a little bit more about yourself so you can capitalize on your strengthens and minimize/overcome your weaknesses. You need to develop the ability to function in multi-individual situations so you can move to the top of the class (or work force once you graduate).
There are several tests that you can take on-line that will help you determine:
  • your Learning Preference (how do you most effectively learn new information)
  • your Temperament (your inherent attitudes and nature)
  • your Intelligence Quotient (your ability to obtain academic skills and knowledge
Learning Preference
It is very  important for you to determine your Learning Preference, so I highly recommend you take the VARK Learning Preference.  It will give you an indication of  how you most effectively learn new information.  It will also give you suggestions on study techniques to capitalize on your learning preference.
Take the VARK Learning Preference
Your temperament has a major impact on how you function as a "team member" and "leader".  Development of your team and leadership skills are crucial, hence I feel you can benefit from knowing your temperament.
Take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
This is the least important test for you to take.  A high or low IQ probably has little impact on your success in life as a professional and as a person.  However, I took the test and found them fun and interesting and you might want to take them also.
Take an On-Line IQ test

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