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Special Session

How To Study

Lecture 1

Jan 20
Syllabus, policies, Define Hort, Organs, Cell parts

Pages 1-6
https://tamu.zoom.us/rec/share/Kb26g4l5wpy2iaIFLRHkuplfItZAE6BkjfVc3wkPhvuQsWg5MOC5bspBuaRfuf4M.aJj69YD-e-pg4EpE  (for some reason the volume is low)
Passcode: 82+p4!D4

Lecture 2

Organs,to Cell Structure

Lecture 3

DNA to root anatomy

Lecture 4

Leaves to Summary

Lecture 5

Flowers to Photosynthesis reactions

Lecture 6

Photo Rxns and Factors affecting photo

Lecture 7


1st Exam -September 23
Lecture 8

Auxin and Cytokinin

Lecture 9


Lecture 10

Temp Relations to Card Temp

Lecture 11

High temp to dormancy

Lecture 12

Rest, Vernalizaton,
Properties light to Acclimation

Lecture 13

Quiescence, Light Quality to Photoperiod

2nd Exam -October 19

Lecture 14

Water to Pathways

Lecture 15

Factors Affect Water to Irrigation

Lecture 16

Soil horizons to Properties

Lecture 17

Soil Chem to Soil Moisture

Lecture 18

Soil Moisture, Mulch,  Fertilizers, N cycle

Lecture 19

N conversions, deficiencies, fertilizers

3rd Exam November 11

Lecture 20

Sexual Prop to Seed Dorm


Seed Dormancy to Layering

Lecture 22

Grafting to Pruning

Lecture 23

Pruning to Pest

4th Exam
Final Comprehensive Exam -

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