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David Wm. Reed - Instructor
Horticulture Forest Science Bldg. room 408
Office: tba, Home: 690-0401 Cell 777-2750
e-mail: dwreed@tamu.edu
Course web site: hort.tamu.edu

      If you are not working on your projects, you probably should start.
      Each student has received their team assignment.  It is up to each
      team to organize and get started.  A team member must take the
      initiative to contact all and get started.  There can be no 1 member
      teams.  Remember every project is optional. 
      All projects are due Nov. 19, 5 PM

Instructions for Exam 2

Face-to-Face Exams

  • You must take the Exam in the ILCB 111 classroom with the class, unless you have been given permission by Reed to take the exam remotely (see the section below).
  • Login to Canvas by 11:10.   Your computer must be logged only into Canvas
    If you leave the Canvas screen and to go any other screen, Canvas will time stamp when you left and when you returned.  Your exam may be invalidated and you may be brought before the Honors Council.
  • We WILL NOT use Zoom for this exam.
  • The Exam will start at 11:10 AM and close 12:25 PM.
    If you go beyond 12:25, the last questions you answered at 12:25 will be time stamped to determine if you finished on time.
    If you are scheduled for extended time, then you exam will be scheduled in Canvas for that period of time.
  • Your exam grade will be posted immediately, but your answers will not be released until later and after all makeup exams are completed
  • If you have any technical problems (WiFi, Canvas closes, computer fails, etc.), come see me and bring your computer.  If you are taking the exam remotely immediately call my cell 979-777-2750.
  •   DO NOT us GroupMe are any other social media to discuss the exam or answers during the exam time, regardless of your location!  Any and all violators will be brought before the Honors Council.

Remote Zoom Exams You can take the exam remotely for the following reasons, with direct approval from Reed


Meeting ID: 965 940 0231

  • Make-Up Exams:  All make-up exams are administered via Zoom at the appointed time arranged with Reed
  • Quarantine, Student Disability Services proctoring, or other approved issue:  If for a valid reason you cannot come to class face-to-face, then you may be approved to take the exam remotely via Zoom at class time.  This must be arranges with Reed.
  •   Out of town on University activity:  If you are on an approved activity, such as field trip, athletic event, job interview, internship, an emergency departure, etc., you may be approved to take the exam remotely via Zoom at a time arranged with Reed.


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