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      The Practice Exam for the Final Exam is activated

Final Exam - Links to Zoom Groups

Group Proctor Email Students with Last Name beginning with  Final Exam Groups - Zoom Meeting Links
Group 1 Kaitlin Hopkins hopkinska@tamu.edu Agu-Dor
Group 2 Jeewan Pandy yourjeewan@tamu.edu Duk-Jan
Group 3 Emily Boak boakn009@tamu.edu Joh-Poe
Group 4 David Reed dwreed@tamu.edu Poo-Zwe

Summary of Procedure and Process for the Final Exam

Equipment needed - You have two options:
Option 1) You need a computer, tablet or pad that has a camera, and that can have multiple programs/windows open at the same time. You join a Zoom meeting to activate Zoom video, and from a browser you login to eCampus to take the exam.  Both Zoom and eCampus must both be operating at the same time. Zoom must be in video mode.  All desktops can do this, but few phones, tablets and pads can.

Option 2) If your computer does not have a camera, you will use your computer to login to eCampus and take the exam.  Then you must have a separate smart phone, tablet or pad to join the Zoom meeting, and the second device is positioned to have both you and your computer screen in the picture. 

Question & Answer Zoom Session:
Wednesday, April 29
Zoom invitation to be sent next week.

Final Exam:
Thursday, April 30
2:30-3:00 Zoom login, Zoom invitation to be sent next week
3:00-4:30 Final Exam

Notice: With proctored exams, the exam is at the exam scheduled time for the Final Exam. University rules stipulate that for a synchronous class you must block-out class time as though you going to class. The only exception is for a University acceptable excuse – you must call and talk to me. Understand this is not my rule, it is a University rule. I’ve extended the end time by 15 min in case there are technicalities that have to be corrected.  For SDS students, I will program your exam time as per time allowed by the SDS instructions you have given me.

Missed Exams and Excused Absences:

·        As with in-class exams, if you miss this time-period, it must be for a University acceptable absence.  I must be notified as per Student Rules.  See Make-Up Exams on the original syllabus (included in this document).

·       FYI, technical reasons, work, traveling, I forgot, etc.are not a University acceptable excuses detailed in Student Rule 7.2.2.  It is your responsibility to take the exam at a location that has a stable internet connection.  Open access labs may be open on campus, and if so you may be able to take the exam there.  If for any reason you lose internet connection, call my cell (979-777-2750) immediately.

Student Disability Services (SDS):  

·        For students that take their exams at SDS, communicate with SDS and then communicate with me and we will make arrangements that fit your situation.

·        If all you need is more time, then I can offer extended times in eCampus. 

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