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David Wm. Reed - Instructor
Horticulture Forest Science Building, Rm. 408
Office: 458-0710, Home: 690-0401 Cell 777-2750
e-mail: dwreed@tamu.edu

Schedule for Remainder of the Semester
Look over Exam 4 -
Tuesday, 11:10, no lecture, just see Exam 4
Q&A Session -Thur, Dec. 7, 6:00, KLCT 115
Final Practice Exam is activated
Final Exam -
Friday, Dec. 8, 3:00-5:00, KLCT 115

You have been a great class and a joy to teach.  Thank you for putting up with me.
I wish you a safe, happy and joyous winter break.
Drive safely.

"Real World" Timely Topics
The Ogallala at risk

Lecture Videos Posted Online

Go to MediaMatix to view video tapes of lectures.
(This is a library service, and they determine the timing of posting the videos online.
Videos are not always posted promptly, especially towards the end of the semester.
Contact the library if you have questions.)

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