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1) support; trunk, branches and stems of all plant parts

2) conduction; through phloem and xylem 

3) food storage; ex. Irish potato tubers 

4) protection; ex. thorns on mesquite 

5) propagation; ex. bulbs, runners, rhizomes 

6) photosynthesis; ex. pads (called cladophylls) on cactus 

1) photosynthesis; site where primarily occurs 

2) regulate water loss; i.e. by opening and closing stomata 

3) storage; ex. carbohydrates and water in garlic, aloe vera 

4) support; ex. tendrils on grape 

5) protection; ex. spines on cacti; bud scales 

6) attraction; ex. bracts on poinsettia or dogwood 

7) propagation; ex. bryophyllum with plantlets on leaves 

1) anchorage; secures plant to ground or for epiphytes to branches

2) absorption; water and nutrients from soil 

3) storage; ex. sweet potato, carrot or radish  tuberous roots,

4) propagation; ex. dahlia or sweet potato tuberous roots, blackberry