page 24
1) Light (Radiant Energy)
     a) Quality - the wavelength or color of light
    Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll and Carotenoids
    1) colored coverings - (see next page on plant canopy) 

    2) tungsten or incandescent lights - (see next page for spectrum) 

    3) fluorescent lights - (see next page for spectrum) 

    4) High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights 

    b) Quantity- the intensity or amount of light 
          1) Supplemental lighting - (see next pages for light saturation range) 

          2) Row orientation -

          3) Orientation around buildings/structures -

2) Carbon dioxide
     a) Greenhouse depletion during day and ventilation 

     b) Carbon dioxide enrichment (see next pages for carbon dioxide saturation range) 

     c) CAM plants

3) Temperature

4) Leaf Age

5) Water Stress

6) Nutrition

7) Leaf damage and stomatal closing