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    Class Insecta
    Characterized by:
    • 6 legs
    • 3 body regions; head, thorax, abdomen
    • 1 pair antenna
    • wings (may be reduced or vestigial)



      Order Homoptera - very common insect pests on horticultural crops
      Characterized by:

      • sucking mouth parts that extract phloem sap
      • secretion of  honey dew - a sugary liquid secreted by Homoptera
      • presence of  sooty mold - a black to brown mold that grows on honey dew on the leaf surface (does not infect plant)
      • includes aphids, mealybugs, scale and whitefly listed below
1) aphid - sucking mouth parts; small soft bodies, green, brown or black; 
                around growing point; ants may "farm".
2) mealybug - sucking mouth parts; soft bodies covered with cottony wax
3) scale- sucking mouth parts; covered by a hard shell
4) whitefly - immature with sucking mouth parts; as translucent ovals under the leaf; 
                    adults as small white flies
5) thrips- rasping-sucking mouth parts; cause lesions on young leaves and 
                flower petals 
6) leaf miner - bore meandering tunnels through leaves 
7) caterpillar - have chewing mouth parts and eat whole tissues; leave droppings
8) grub and borer - larva of beetles; feed on roots, bore into wood of stems 
9) beetle - have chewing mouth parts and eat whole tissues 
10) grasshopper - have chewing mouth parts and eat whole tissues 
11) weevil - feed mainly on stored grain.