Hort 201 - General Horticulture   
David Wm. Reed - Instructor   
Horticulture-Forest Science Building, Rm. 204C   
Office: 845-0139, Home: 690-0401, e-mail: dwreed@tamu.edu
OFFICE HOURS:  I have no set office hours, but I will meet with you: a) anytime you catch me in my office, or b) we can set up a time after lecture, or call me at 845-0139 or send me an e-mail
LECTURE SUPPLEMENT: The Lecture Supplement is required and can be purchased at the Graphic Arts Center (behind bus stop snack bar) in the Reed McDonald Bldg.
QUIZ FILE: An optional Quiz File can be purchased at the Graphic Arts Center (behind bus stop snack bar) in the Reed McDonald Bldg. The Quiz File contains about 10 years worth of exams.
TEXT:The Biology of Horticulture, , J.E. Preece and P.E. Read, 1993, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., NY. The text is optional, and can be purchased at the campus and most off-campus bookstores.
VIDEO TAPES: Every lecture is video taped and can be viewed in HFSB 204 from 8-4 M-F, or checked-out from the Reserve Desk (2-hour) in the West Campus Library. Televisions are available in both locations.
LATE ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES: I realize west campus may be a long walk from main campus, hence, you may have trouble getting here on time if you are coming from across campus. Therefore, late arrivals and early departures will be tolerated within reason (a few minutes), if you quietly enter and exit.  Enter through the rear doors and sit in the back of the class. However, lecture will start and end on time.
ATTENDANCE: I do not take role, but please make an effort to attend all lectures.
EXAMS Regular Hour Exams 1, 2, 3 and 4 
Final exam (comprehensive) 
 Total points
400 points (100 points each) 
100 points 
400 (drop lowest grade)
MAKE-UP EXAMS: I do not give many, and they will be given only for official University excuses (medical reasons, deaths in your family, official University activities, etc.). Illnesses must be documented by a physician. A written excuse must be supplied. I absolutely must be informed personally ahead of time if you miss and exam. If you call me and leave a message, leave a phone number so I can call you back. I have voice mail at home and at work. If you wake-up sick or have an emergency just prior to the exam, you still must contact me, even if you call me at home the morning of the exam. Any exam missed without notifying me personally will receive a grade of 0 (unless there are extraordinary extenuating circumstances, and in such cases any make-up exam will be at the end of the semester). If this is your first 0, then it will automatically be your drop grade. If you have already used your drop grade, then the 0 will be averaged as a grade. The make-up exam must be scheduled before you leave or at the time you are granted an excuse by me to miss the exam.All make-up exams must be taken within 24 hours (i.e. 1 day study time) after the excuse expires (i.e. illness is over, arrival back in town, etc.).
STUDENT COMMENTS: I am extremely receptive to student comments, both positive and negative. Otherwise, I can never improve the course or improve as a teacher. See me for verbal comments, leave me a note on the podium before class starts, send me a note in the mail, or e-mail me at dwreed@tamu.edu.
You must sign this form and turn it into the Instructor prior to the first exam. Your signature will be used to verify the signature on your exam. Your signature also verifies that you have read and understand the course policies.
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