Horticulture - Science and Practice is designed to cover the scientific principles as well as the practical applications and techniques of general horticulture.  A major emphasis is on the biology of plants and environmental relations as they relate to the principles and practices of all the disciplines of horticulture - fruit, vegetable, flowering and ornamental horticulture.  The information is designed to function as the nucleus around which the lecture is developed.  Terms, concepts, diagrams and tables are presented that will require lecture for explanation.  Horticulture - Science and Practice is not intended to be a stand-alone text, but rather a supplement to a well organized and dynamically presented lecture.  Many of the concepts and practices must be demonstrated to attain maximum understanding.  If the student reviews only the text of Horticulture - Science and Practice, the information will seem out of context and artificial.

The main objective of the Horticulture - Science and Practice is to supply the student with a document that contains most of the definitions and diagrams so the student can spend more time listening hopefully thinking about the subject, rather than rote note taking.