HORT 201 and HORT 202 
The General Science and Practice Home Page (http://generalhorticulture.tamu.edu or http://hort201.tamu.edu) is the web site for HORT 201 - Horticulture Science and Practice and HORT 202 - Horticulture Science and Practice Laboratory.  HORT 201 and HORT 202 are separate courses at Texas A&M University that cover the scientific principles and horticultural practices related to all aspects of ornamental, fruit and vegetable horticulture.  Both the lecture and the lab are science core electives in the TAMU curriculum. The lecture and lab can be taken separately or at the same time.  Most students only take the lecture. 

The HORT 201 Lecture Home Page was created and is maintained by David Wm. Reed. 

The HORT 202 Laboratory Home Page was created primarily by HORT 202 graduate teaching assistants, notably Daphne Richards, Michelle Meche, Trisha Blessington and Carrie Whitcher, and is maintained by D.W. Reed. 

The graduate teaching assistants created the HORT 202 web sites as a project in Dr. Dan Lineberger's course HORT 605 - Internet Applications in Horticulture.  Dr. Lineberger is also the Web Master of Aggie Horticulture.  The HORT 201 and HORT 202 web sites could not have been created nor maintained without the assistance of Web Master Dan

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If you use any of the instructional material, please give credit to the source.

The web site is copyrighted by  D.W. Reed, TAMU (http://eit.tamu.edu/copyrite).

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