HORT 201 
Classic Videos
Over the years there have been quite a few memorable moments in HORT 201.  Since each lecture is video taped, many of these have been caught on tape!  Some of the more memorable Classic Videos  are available below.

To view the video you will need QuickTime player on your computer.  If you do not have QuickTime, then you can download a free version by clicking on the following image.

link to free QuickTime download

If you are using a computer connected to the internet over a telephone modem, then it will take awhile to load the video before it starts playing.

Classic Videos
T-Camp Reed announced in Spring 2002
Dr. Reed was selected to be a T-Camp Namesake for 2002.  The Co-Chairs came to class to announce T-Camp Reed.  Dr. Reed has a  rule that if your cell phone goes off in his class, you have to get up and leave.  So 6 of the T-Camp Co-Chairs planted themselves in class and the other Co-Chairs started calling them on their cell phones during the class to see if they could get a reaction out of Dr. Reed.  The video tape begins when the first cell phone rings.

Lecturing with Helium
When T-Camp Reed was announced in the spring 2002, the Co-Chairs made the mistake of leaving behind the helium filled balloons.  You just cannot leave things like that around kids because you never know what they will do with it.  And, of course the students convinced Dr. Reed to "lecture with helium".

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