Team and Individual Projects to Satisfy
Science Core Objectives

HORT 201 - Horticulture Science and Practices


Student Learning Outcomes for Life and Physical Sciences

Visual, Oral and Written Communication and Teamwork


Team Projects:

Project 1: Visual Communication:    Design and create a visual model or artifact (up to 4 points)

Project 2: Oral Communication:       Collaborate to produce a video to role-play teaching and explaining the model or artifact (up to 4 points)

Individual Project

Project 3: Written Communication:  Write/Rewrite a Reflective Essay on a learning experience in class or team project that allowed a greater depth of understanding. (up to 4 points)

Optional Bonus Points:

All projects are optional and for bonus points (added to sum of exams that contribute to your grade).
You cannot be penalized for choosing to not participate in the projects.
Each student can participate and complete any or all three Projects.